Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. It’s good to know I’m not alone in feeling this way and really appreciate what a lucky blogger I am to have such awesome readers.

Yesterday B and I were talking about this subject and thanks to him, my genius buddy, and all you gals I’m feeling much better. You know what? I have the coolest husband, a beautiful best friend and a sister who totally rocks. I’m a lucky girl. And I’m keeping the belief that new friends are on the horizon, waiting for me to find them.

And what’s so bad about pen pals anyway? Friends who live miles away are still just as beautiful via a letter or email and are always there when you need a chat. So here’s a shout out to all my pals around the world; school friends, random friends and blogger friends.

These are some brilliant charity shop finds I scored today. A blue and white stripey vintage duvet set with pillowcases and a pair of amazing 1970s 10ft long curtains. There has to be at least 6 metres of fabrics in these babies. And while it kind of feels sacrilegious cutting them up, I'm imagining a few cushions and a quilt backing. And this little haul? £6 in total.


  1. Right back at ya sweetheart!

  2. I do love my pen pals! I think you have a terrific attitude, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a great new friend is on the horizon!

  3. Penpals (and internet buddies) are the best!

    Loving your charity shop haul! Bargains! ♥

  4. so glad you are feeling better and I think your last post was such an honest one - very brave of you and I am inspired to do the same. good scores with the op shop too!

  5. Just found your blog -- had to read on when I read that you were married 29th May 2010 as I'm getting married the 28th of May this year! Funny what sucks you in when wedding planning!

    I thought I'd drop you a line to say I love your wedding shots! What a beautifully put together English wedding!

  6. Excellent haul! And glad to hear you're feeling chirpier!

  7. Hey Nell,
    Congrats, you won my Photo Print Giveaway!! (I posted it here:http://twonerdsinapod.blogspot.com/2011/01/photo-print-giveaway-winners-are.html) in case you wanted to see the post :)

    Please email me at hellosisilia@gmail.com with your mailing address!

    Big dinosaur hugs,

  8. cutttte blog!!!! love the fabric!

  9. unfortunately sometimes distance keeps friends away but you are never truly apart if you can write to each other via mail. It takes a little longer but somehow handwritten letters can make up for the distance.