Man, oh man! Wednesday evenings are crazy. I get home from work, finish the shopping list, head out to the supermarket picking up my sis on the way, shop, drop off sis, head home, unpack the shopping, put the bins and recycling out and do any must-be-done washing up (i'm of the 'wash before you use' school of washing up, as opposed to the 'wash after use' school - i'd rather sit with my B rubbing my full tummy after a hearty meal!). And that's all before B gets home from football training at about 9.15pm so that I can put dinner on while he's in the shower and I don't have to do anything but eat and doss with him after that. Phew. Just finished it all with time to blog before he gets back. Come on Domestic Goddess!

On a totally unrelated note, happy happy birthday to beautiful Emma. My best buddie, soon-to-be mama and all round totally awesome girl. We love you lots xxx

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  1. Oh, I can totally relate! I have weeks like that where you never have enough time to fit everything in :)