Sunday and Monday were seriously awesome days. The kind of days that makes me more obsessed with B than ever. The kind of days that make going back to work even harder and the thought of being away from B for 8 hours makes me want to cry.

We went shopping and spent wedding vouchers on two new board games, a candle that smells like Christmas in a pot and a picture frame on Sunday. Then after a super-duper lie in yesterday we went for a stroll round the French market that visits Bath every BH weekend. We ate Paella on a bench and scoffed crepes filled with Nutella (no time for pictures of the crepes. Must. Eat.) and Ben bought a hunkin' slab of nougat.

We got home, crashed on the sofa and watched a movie. Oh such a beautiful day. And oh how I love that boy of mine.

Apologies for the blurry picture. Was in too much of a rush to eat the yummy food.


  1. not sure what i'm in love with more - paella or the christmas scented candle?? I'm honestly impressed you had enough self control to even take those photos! :)