From the moment we got engaged we knew that our wedding budget was pretty darn small, but you know what – we would have never spent the supposed national average many couples do, no matter how much money we had.
One of our best buys was our wedding cake. £25 for three tiers of fruit cake wrapped in white icing at our local supermarket. Add my Nan's vintage cut glass cake stand and the most amazing 1950s cake topper I found on eBay in the US and we ended up with a beautiful cake.
We also spent many a night crafting nearly all the decorations for our wedding and our guests complimented us at every turn, which left a nice warm feeling in our tummies.
But hubby dearest and I can’t take credit for all the DIY creations – we had a pretty brilliant team of rather creative friends and family helping out too.
From my sister’s brilliant stationary and my Mum, Nan and Grandma’s sewing talents to the beautiful poems my new Mother in Law wrote for us and the delicious cakes that a whole bunch of amazing people baked – it all made the day perfect. So thank you lovely ladies xx

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