On the mission of creating the perfect invites, the next aspect was the illustrations. I sent my sister, Dora, a mammoth email with all the designs we'd seen and that we liked aspects of as well as the colour palette we wanted and an explanation of the look and style we were aiming for. About two weeks later we got exactly what we wanted. I set to work on the back of the invite using my faithful InDesign and soon enough our invitation was ready to go. And everyone loved it.

I sent Cori from August and After an email once the designs were done to thank her for the help her blog had given us and when I visited her site a few days later, you can imagine how freakin' excited I was to see our invites staring back at me. So thank you Cori. I'm sure I'm not the only bride-to-be to have found your blog and been reassured that planning a wedding with a difference on a teeny budget isn't a completely mad idea, and is in fact a rather lovely one.

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