Next up was our invitations. My favourite blog when planning our wedding day was August and After - hands down, no other contenders. Cori's blog offers a big bag of treats if you're looking to plan a down-to-earth and natural-style wedding. We uncovered some great ideas thanks to Cori that we eventually used in our own wedding, the first of which were her own engagement pictures and invitations.

When it came to our invitations we seriously wanted to steer clear of any pastel coloured calligraphy designs and were struggling to find anything else that appealed. Then one day, when I was rummaging through a load of papers in the cupboard, I found an old invitation I'd been sent to an exhibition at the V&A for The Art of Lee Miller. Now this was a cool invitation and once my guy had approved it, we set out to turn the general design into something that could work for us.

We knew we could count on Dora for any illustrations we wanted, but what picture to use? Then I saw Cori's DIY pictures; some natural shots of Cori and her boy Evan in the woods. So lovely. So with a little persuading my guy packed up the tripod and a couple of outfit changes and we headed off to the woods. We got some brilliant shots. I mean, seriously. Some are kinda cool (aka Rayban Wayfayer and hoodies) and some were slightly Twilight-esque (although don't tell my hubby - that would not go down well!)

But the one we both really loved had a definite whimsical, hippy-style, 1970s album cover feel about it. And it was actually rather perfect. With a bit of editing when we got home (a smidge of sepia and a few scratches here and there),
we had our invite image.

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  1. Just browsing while nursing the little guy. I love the top photo of you and Ben. Perfectly candid, and what a backdrop-wow!