When it came to decorating the marquee we hired we knew we wanted to inject some serious colour and the mix of deep purple, green, burnt orange, hot pink, bright blue and yellow carried on through the whole wedding.
From the moment I saw Martha Stewart’s pom poms I knew they’d be perfect and thanks to some bargain tissue paper purchases on eBay they turned out to be the cheapest decorations you could hope for!
We loved the garlands you often see at Indian weddings but real flowers were out of the question and all fabric versions we could find were at least £10 each – we needed around 150 so that was a big no-no.
Then one day I was walking past Monsoon and there they were; the perfect garlands in the ideal colours, used in the store’s window display. So my Mum and I spent a week calling every branch in the country gathering them together. They were an absolute bargain plus all the money we paid went to the Monsoon Trust, which helps disadvantaged women and children in Asia. So that’s pretty cool :)
And apart from the odd few we plan on keeping as a memento, we’re going to sell them on eBay and make a bit of dosh. Hoorah!

ps can i just say how much I love that my guy chose pink socks to wear on our wedding day to perfectly match our colours! It made me smile a lot when I got a glimpse of those beauties!

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