Today we found out which school Josephine will be going to in September. We got our first choice, which we're all very happy about, but it suddenly seems all the more real that, come September, our baby girl will be at school. It's an adventure she can't wait for. Autumn can't come quick enough for her. And she's so ready for it. But my Mama heart feels heavy knowing that we're coming to the end of an era. The last four years have gone in a blur and suddenly our tiny girl is a tall, curly haired, intelligent, inquisitive, imaginative, brilliant, kind and funny little woman. A whole new era is about to begin and I have to remind myself that that's awesome too.

Phiney went back to pre-school today after the Easter break with a spring in her step. She couldn't wait to get back there and I just about got a cuddle and a kiss before she ran off to join her buddies. I'm not worried at all about her starting school. About her loving it or about her happily heading off on her first day in September. I'm not sure I'll be quite so composed...

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