Life recently seems to have gone by in a blur. Josephine has been off pre-school for an epic Easter holiday (3 weeks!) and the lack of routine and places to be has been a relief. She's back now though and in all honesty, I think she's happy about it. She misses the time she gets away from the house and from Coralie and I, the time to be independent. Plus despite all my best day trip/crafty efforts, I just can't compete with the onslaught on amazing things pre-school has to offer on a daily basis! It seems strange her not being around on those three afternoons, but it's something we must all get used to - especially come September. But there's been far too much talk of school the last few days ;)!!

A few pictures from a couple of weeks ago at the Royal Crescent. The girl's discovered the most enormous spider and desperately wanted to hold it. It's pincers told me that wasn't a good idea! These girls are bug obsessed.

Roll on the warmer weather and picnic teas instead of rushing home for dinner.

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