Sweet girl, my how you've changed since last year. You've grown so much and have become even more of a lovely little person to have around. You're funny and kind, and laid back and stubborn; you're interested and confident and so so happy. And you're completely bonkers! An absolute joy to be around. Just like your Grandpa, who you still look so like. Sometimes it's like he's looking right at me, and I love that, and I love you more for it.

Of course this year has been full of milestones for you; you've learnt to walk and talk and run and scoot and you mastered the climbing frame and slide at the park a few months ago too. You're so close to jumping and you love to run around shouting 'yeah, yeah, yeah!' when you're told it's food time, bath time or time to head out. Your excitement about the smallest thing, the happiness you find in most everyday task, is a lesson to us all.

It's wonderful to see you and Josephine play so happily together these days too. Whether it's playing Mamas or Barbies, doing puzzles, building the train track or running around outside, you're never far from Phiney's side, trying to do everything she does. I love listening to you both singing and chatting via the monitor before you go to sleep and when you wake in the morning. I hope you always chat away like that.

One of your most favourite things (aside from eating!) is dancing and singing. I'm pretty sure these will feature greatly in your future. Your dance moves are hard to beat, and you sure know how to shake that booty of yours. Especially when you're in front of the mirror. You love watching yourself, and find yourself completely hilarious.

You are such a sociable little thing too. Always chatting away to anyone and everyone, and a real cuddle monster; no baby is safe from your squeezes! And when Phiney gets upset, or Mama and Daddy have been poorly, you're the first to offer up cuddles and kisses and check we're all ok. Such kindness.

I truly can't wait to see how you blossom over the next 12 months. To hear you talk more and more and see your personality emerge further still. I have a feeling you're just going to get more awesome. If that's even possible!

I am so proud of you, so proud to be your Mama.
I love you xxx

Photographs taken on Christmas morning, and some of my favourite ever of Coralie. I just can't get over her in that 1950s dress. What a find...what an absolute cutie!

WEARING: Vintage dress // La Coqueta tights // Startrite shoes

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