Ben finished work for the Christmas holidays yesterday and we're all so happy about it! I am finally feeling a bit better, and Coralie seems to be too although it now appears it's caught up to Ben too so it'll be a Christmas miracle if we all wake up feeling well on Friday morning. But here's hoping!

Just wanted to pop by and wish everyone a very happy Christmas. I hope yours is one full of love, laughter and plenty of yummy food. And maybe a few good presents too ;) Josephine really gets the idea of Father Christmas this year and her excitement is palpable. I just want it to be Christmas already!!

I have a few posts lined up for the days after Christmas - it's obviously a difficult time for my family although I know that one particular day or anniversary does not necessarily mean the hardest for my heart; those days can just creep up on you and surprise you from nowhere. I hope we can spend it smiling as we think of our beautiful Daddy.

Before the new year I'm also really excited to launch a new project with my beautiful friend, so do keep an eye out for that too.

Much love to you all, and thank you for all your comments and emails this year, they always mean a lot.

Nell, Ben, Josephine and Coralie xxxx 

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