WEARING: cardigan handknitted by my Grandma (for Josephine when she was small) // vintage white linen French blouse // Coco & Wolf denim bloomers // La Coqueta tights // Clarks shoes

I adore this cardigan my Grandma knitted when Josephine was little - she's so on trend (and didn't have a clue what I was talking about when I said it was just like Misha and Puff!) The bloomers are an absolute stable whatever the season, and I'm so happy that this little vintage blouse finally fits Coralie.

I love dressing Coralie in Josephine's hand me downs, but I'm finding as she gets older that she's more suited to the bloomers and tops combo rather than the floral dresses that Phiney mostly wore when she was this age. Perhaps it's because it was high summer, but I love the differences between them as much as the similarities.

Another notable difference is Coralie's absolute dislike for hats and hair bows. She barely keeps anything on her head or in her hair for more that 10 seconds, so today she got a Mama hair cut and I cut her a fringe. She was starting to resemble a shaggy sheep dog so it was a must. And I have to say, it's damn cute. A picture to come soon, promise :)


  1. Oh! She is adorable and that cardigan is precious. I love handmade hand-me-downs, they are rather special.

  2. I LOVE that cardigan. Coralie is completely adorable. She my little mushroom xxx