A few weeks ago, our best friends moved back to Bath after a year living away, and we couldn't be happier about it. Impromptu trips to the park, hanging out with your buddies, can make even the most tiring and stressful mornings all better. These kiddos have know each other forever, and they really are such awesome buddies. Here's to mornings at an empty park, bikes and scooters, fallen leaves confetti, houses under the trees and hot chocolates for Mamas :)

Oh, and thank goodness for waterproofs...the weather has definitely turned over the last week!

A few photos by budding photographer Theo...and a little film I made on my phone over at Vimeo too.


  1. Love that photo of all of them in a line. Theyre all so cute!

  2. Ooo may I ask where the bikes are from please? Thanks!