LITTLE MAMAS: part three

I know, I know...more pictures of the girls and their prams, but I just can't get enough of them. I think it's something about the way they play out there that really gets me. Indoors playing can sometimes be a little more fractious these days...Josephine sets up a game and Coralie 'investigates' (read: destroys!) and anything Coralie is playing with, Phiney instantly wants. I'm sure it's just a phase, but it can get a bit stressful for us all, so getting out in the winter sun and watching them play so happily together is lovely.

They walk together chatting away; Coralie following Josephine's lead and every move and Josephine so sweetly looking out for her baby sister.

My sister and I always loved playing with our dolls together, and it makes my Mama heart so happy to see my own girls doing just the same.

I made a little film too...


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