When Polly took a few photos of me and the girls last week, I knew they'd be wonderful. Her work is an inspiration and she is truly a talented photographer.

I will absolutely cherish these photographs forever. I can't tell you what they mean to me, and I am so grateful to Polly for getting her camera out and snapping these special moments.

I'm more determined than ever to get in more of the photos, to step in front of the camera rather than staying firmly behind it.

Thank you sweet Polly xxx


  1. LOVE these photos, they are glorious! xxxx

  2. Big kiss to you and the girlies xxxxxxx

  3. You three girls are looking so beautiful! And I love that you met up with a blog friend also. Maybe I'll make it to Bath (I've always want to) one day and we can have tea :) xx Em

  4. What a beautiful trio you are! Kellie xx