I can't even tell you how much I love talking to Josephine. More conversations that I just never want to forget...

"Mama, I was SO late. I looked at my watch and it was TEN PAST FOUR!!"
*Tuts, shakes head and walks away. Moments later, she runs in, shrieking.*
*Runs out again.*

Refusing to get her other shoe and sock on...
Me: "Josephine, you can't go to nursery with only one shoe on."
Josephine: "Yes I can. I can hop."

Me: "I'm so lucky to be your Mama."
Josephine: "I'm so lucky to be your girl."

Josephine: "I had to paint my eye last night."
Me: "Why?"
Josephine: "So the spiders didn't eat it."

Me: "You look like a little Christmas elf."
Josephine: "I'm not the elf. I'm Father Christmas."

"Spiders eat bugs and flies and plants and...bogeys."

Josephine: "Mama, can I have a cuddle?"
Me: "Of course!"
Josephine: "I love having cuddles with you."
Me: "Oh! I love having cuddles with you."
Josephine: "And I love that you stay at home with me when Daddy has to go to work."

"I wish I was a Playmobil guy and could drive this helicopter and do the steering wheel. But I'm not. I'm Josephine."


  1. Oh I do love these posts! The painting her eye one is so. damn. funny! She is a unique being! xxxx
    Ps. the pics are awesome.

  2. I love any and all the art children create, but this is waaaay better! So good. Thanks for sharing :)