Over the last few months there have been photos a-plenty taken. There have been times I wanted to write posts about things that are happening, beautiful days out and moments I want to remember, but time has past so quickly and they have remained in my head; the words not making it to the page, the photos un-edited.

So here begins the task of documenting those occasions, beginning with June...

Sunday trips to the Botanical Gardens with my Mum, and usually my sister, have become a weekend tradition. As the place we've adopted for our Dad, it always means so much taking the girls there. This was Coralie's first trip. And she slept the whole time :)

Watching these two together makes my Mama heart burst with happiness. They adore each other, and have done since day one. I'm pretty sure Josephine thought Coralie would come out wanting to play though, so those early weeks where she really just laid there and slept were a little boring for her! As time goes on, Josephine loves how much more Coralie will interact with her and it makes Josephine's day when she does something to make Coralie laugh.

Making her voice well and truly heard! And can I just say, Bonds Wondersuits are the best babgrows. Totally worth getting them shipped over from Australia.

Our beautiful girl. She's grown so much in these few months. Physically, emotionally and mentally. What a change she has been through, and how wonderfully she's dealt with it all. We're so proud of her. 

As the sun shone at it's brightest and hottest this summer, we spent the day at my best friend's family's pool. Where else would you want to be? Splashing around in the pool with Josephine was so much fun. Lots of laughter. I took some great photos of Josephine with her best pals Oliver and Theo too, but as they're all butt naked, we'll save those until their 18th birthdays. Or Oliver and Josephine's wedding (hehe!)   

In June it was Father's Day here in the UK. A really hard day for my brother, sister and I, and for our Grandpa. We visited the Botanical Gardens with my sister and her fiancĂ© and enjoyed a lovely picnic. I wish with all my heart I got to speak with my Dad, but I know he was there with us.

The family that Saltwaters together, sticks together. Same applies for Rayban Wayfayers...

This has become the position of choice for Ben and Coralie. I have many a photo of them like this. She's also become affectionately known as Captain Squawk round these parts...part Gigglebiz reference, part on account of her aforementioned desire to be heard!

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  1. Ohhh so many lovely memories of a June well spent! xx