I've been thinking about this space so much over the last month. Always wanting to make new entries into this online journal of mine but never quite finding the time. Constructing posts together in my head (that's the writer in me) and taking lovely pictures, but never quite finding the energy to put it all together.

Last night, at about 2.15am (night feeds, pretty much the only time I have a moment to sit quietly and think!) I realised that today would be the perfect day to come back to this place. I do love to start things on a Monday, or on the first of the month. The stars had clearly aligned.

In all honesty, what has kept me from posting anything here is the sheer enormity of what I do have to post; what I want to include on this blog from the last few months. Special occasions, simple family walks, moments I always want to remember. I had wondered whether to catch up before starting afresh, but I think that is too huge a task. So, I'm going to mix it up - get ready for some random catch up posts from way back in July and August! I mean, Coralie turns four months old on Sunday (how?!) and I still haven't posted her three month portrait.

But I will, I'm back in the game. And I have so many things to share, exciting times and beautiful memories. So thank you if you're still here, reading this. How have you spent your summer? I hope it's been magical. Can you believe it's September already?! xx


  1. I look forward to your return, Nell! I'm getting myself back in, too. Kellie xx

  2. I recently did this- and I back dated them on blogger. As a result they didn't go onto peoples feeds, so no comments. But I didn't post them for that reason, I wanted a cohesive journal for this year. I can't wait to read through your updates :) x x x

    1. Oh, I didn't know you could do that! I think i'll backdate mine too. Thanks for the tip!! xx