As the rain fell and it seemed everyone else retreated indoors, my girl and I explored the Botanical Gardens; all alone, the place to ourselves. Our own retreat full of friendly ducks and squirrels, beautiful blossoms and singing birds; Georgian bridges and trickling streams, and a maze of pathways and stone steps. 

It's a special place, the Botanical Gardens, and we've adopted it as our place to go think and talk about and to our beautiful Dad. Somewhere to visit on special occasions, to lay flowers or to just sit and be. 

Josephine and I walked around, sheltered under trees when the rain got too heavy and talked all about Grandpa, with smiles on our faces; feeling him there, walking with us. 

It was such a lovely morning and something I plan to do more of, especially as the sun starts to shine and the Gardens fill with beautiful blooms. Only a few weeks left of it being just me and our little bird on a weekday. So soon we'll have another to join us and explore this place. 

We can't wait, of course, but for now I'm soaking up every step I get to take just me and my girl. She is the best of companions. 

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