When we go to Cornwall each year, we normally miss my Grandpa's birthday by a few days. This year however we were lucky enough to be down there to celebrate it with him on the day itself. I love my Grandpa. He's awesome.

Here's a few things you need to know about my Grandpa.
* When we were small, we used to beg him to take out his false teeth. We would plead and plead and, when my Grandma wasn't looking (because she always told him not to) he would pop them out. We thought it was amazing and would shriek with delight. That's the sort of thing under 10s think is all kinds of amazing.
* My Grandpa was a Technolo teacher at my senior school. When I joined (a year after everyone else - I was at a different school the first year) the first thing everyone asked me was 'Are you Mr Hobbs' granddaughter?' When I said yes, I was instantly welcomed. Everyone liked my Grandpa.
* He loves my Grandma. Adores her. Next month they celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary. They're an inspiration to us.

We spent the day with my grandparents. First we visited Grandpa at the Cape Cornwall Coast Watch Station where he's a volunteer. It was cool seeing him do his thing. 76 and still going strong.

Then we visited my Grandparent's favourite Cream Tea cafe. The scones were amazing, and Josephine loved chasing the little birds who landed at our feet hoping to steal some tasty crumbs.

It was a lovely day for a very special person :)


  1. such lovely photos, especially the ones of your Grandpa and daughter, gorgeous! x

  2. What is it with showing their false teeth when not supposed to! My Pop did that as well, gee it made us laugh, with fright and delight!!
    Lovely photos too x