Even though we've only been back from our holiday in Cornwall for a week and a half, looking back over the photos it seems like ages ago. The hot sun on my back, the sand between my toes, the freedom to eat as much fudge and fish and chips as possible. 

This year we stayed at my grandparent's house. They live close to Land's End and you can see the sea from every window in their house. It's a beautiful setting, but we couldn't travel all the way to the tip of Cornwall without spending some time in our favourite place - St Ives. We spent two glorious days on the harbour beach. Swam in the sea, saw a seal, collected shells and built plenty of sand castles, that Josephine would squashed instantly. 

Here are some pictures of our St Ives adventure...



ps. the towel Phiney's wearing above is a genius beach essential made by my Grandma. It's a tube of (the most awesome) toweling fabric, with elastic at the top, so you can wear it round your neck or your waist when you're getting changed on the beach without flashing everyone. My Dad and my aunts wore it when my grandparents bought them to St Ives when they were kids, and we did when we were kids too. It makes me smile so big to see Josephine wearing it now. It's a family heirloom :)


  1. Gorgeous photos, Nell. Love St Ives. We've only been once but dying to go again someday xx

  2. Oh Nell, what beautiful photos. I am so pleased you had a good time xx

  3. These are glorious and sun-soaked! I would so so love to visit Cornwall one day... its on my bucket-list :) Especially to visit Tintagel and get all broody and windswept. xx

  4. Oh my... the photo of her with the bucket! She is so dreamy :)

  5. these are lovely images, especially love the one of her with the houses in the background, just cuteness! Oh I so want to be back in Cornwall now... x