"A portrait of Josephine, once a week every week in 2013".

Singing row, row, row the boat in the rocking chair, listening to Mama tell her all about the adventures we'll be having in Cornwall on holiday...

Taking part in Jodi's 52 Project.

Yep - we're off on our summer holidays at the crack of drawn tomorrow morning. We. Cannot. Wait. When we get back, life's going to be crazy for three months (this Mama's secured some serious freelance work that is going to test my multi-tasking skills to the max) so a week by the sea will be bliss. 

I hope you all have a fab week - we'll see you on the flip side folks! xx


  1. Gorgeous - as always. She is such a little beauty.
    Have an amazing holiday, Nell! Relax & enjoy yourselves.

    Sar xx

  2. Enjoy your week at the SEAAAAA! You'll be GREAT at all the work when you get back...but don't think about it one second until you're back! :)

  3. She has such beautiful features and that hair! I am very jealous of your Cornwall times. I used to go every summer with my family until I moved from London to the Hebrides. Good luck with the work. Holly.

  4. Such a lovely portrait.

    Have a glorious time in Cornwall; hope you come back raring to go.

  5. Gorgeous girl...that hair and those eyes!! This is my 11 month olds favourite nursery rhyme at the moment, she screams at the end of the crocodile version too, it's pretty cute! I've linked to you on my blog as a favourite from last week! :)