Evening picnics in the park with her cousins are pretty awesome for a certain little girl. Gosh, she loves those boys.

Our eldest nephew, Tyler, is her special favourite right now. He adores her and thinks she's as cool as Phiney thinks he is. He'll happily hold her hand (even in front of his little friends - that's a big deal for a 7 year old), play chase with her and go exploring with her. He'll always look out for her, and take care of her. Seeing these two together is the sweetest thing. 


  1. The bond between cousins is so special. There is nothing like family. So lovely to watch. Beautiful photographs!

  2. Oh my goodness, you have captured that big boy cousin love perfectly. We have a similar situation going on here with N's eldest cousin, they are so adorable together, these photographs remind me of them so much!
    Really beautiful photographs Nell xx

  3. Aren't your photographs amazing!?!? I have noticed a difference in them since you went to The Nursery. Well done you!! xx