"A portrait of Josephine, once a week every week in 2013".

Pointing with delight at the sight of the sea. I knew she'd adore the vast waters. I knew she'd laugh in the twisting, turning waves. But I thought she'd hate the cold, freezing cold, temperature. She didn't. She strode straight in, no gasps or flinches. Our little mermaid, she belongs in the water. 

Taking part in Jodi's 52 Project.

We're home! It was a glorious week, packed with adventure. I took over 2000 photographs, so be prepared for a slew of holiday posts. Today we're enjoying one last day of utter freedom before the work starts tomorrow. I'll be sure to tell you more soon, but if you hear me starting to moan feel free to give me a nudge and remind me of all the money I'll be earning and the fantastic fun we're going to have spending it...


  1. Lovely (and rather bizarre) to see you and your daughter in St Ives. So glad she had a lovely day.

    Leanne xx

    1. It was so lovely (and surreal!) to meet you Leanne! I'm so happy you came and said hello. We all had a lovely day, and went back on Friday for more sunshine! Xxx