I haven't been round here much recently. In fact, if it hadn't been for The 52 Project I think a good few weeks could have easily passed between posts. Life's been busy. Nothing fancy or particularly interesting, just busy. 

It was with interest that I read Claire's post today. Her blog is absolutely one of my favourites. Her honest and sweet words, along with her glorious pictures, make it one of the most authentic blogs out there. Claire has decided to take a blogging break, for now, and it got me thinking about my own little space of the Internet. 

I absolutely agree with her thoughts on the messages we send, as bloggers, in our posts. That, through carefully selected words and pictures, someone's life can seem peachy and perfect from the outside. I know that this blog certainly reflects only a small section of our lives. The happy times, the best pictures, the most interesting things we do. So I thought I'd tell you a little more about how I use this space and why I choose to share what I do. 

I made a very conscious decision about six months ago regarding what I wanted from this space. I wanted it to be a diary. A space to jot down, reflect and share these first years as husband and wife, and as parents. A space we can look back on in years to come and remind ourselves of the little things that passing years may have caused us to forget. A space to display our favourite photographs, rather than loosing them in the never-ending albums on our computer. And of course a place to connect with others around the world, to find support and solidarity and advice. 

It is because of this that I don't really talk about bad days (Josephine has been teething for a week and has been an utter delight; fighting sleep, always wanting to be picked up, generally moaning for large periods of the day!) or why I don't reflect on the absolute lack of money we have right now (the bills are paid, the food is bought, but after that we're counting our pennies); why I don't torture myself wishing for houses we can't afford to buy (we rent our flat and I honestly can't see a time when we'll have saved enough to cover a deposit in the crazy expensive part of the world we live in) or moan about the constant washing up, ironing and tidying up there is to do (there's always hoards of all the above and I'm normally way behind in keeping up with it all). 

Sure there may be times when I'm not here as much as I have been and there may be posts that aren't as meaningful or thought-provoking as others (I can't help but post random pictures of our gorgeous girl sometimes!) but I know in a few years I'll be thankful that I kept at it and made the time to sit down and blog. And I thank you for sticking with me through it all. I read every comment and love that you take the time to pop over and say hello. 

I feel like I'm getting back in the blogging zone so fingers crossed I'll see you soon xx


  1. It is always such a pleasure to peek into your life Nell and of course to see pictures of your gorgeous girl. Blogs are mostly the bright side of life and why not! I use mine in the same way - to record the good, it is so much more of a pleasure to share in the good times, that's why we like events like weddings isn't it?
    I was with my brother and sister in law this weekend in Bath. We were surrounded by our mostly grown children, remembering when they were small. It is a wonderful (and difficult) time. Xxx

  2. I understand your thoughts so well, my blog is my diary and I don't worry myself on who is reading it. I love to read yours and yes life is not peachy all the time but I try to look at the good which is happening. From one budgeting mumma to another xxx

  3. I hear you. My blog is my happy place too. We all have bad days, and I make sure to touch on those too, so I'm not presenting a false reality. But the negative isn't what I want to focus on. Cohen is now four and I have been blogging since before his birth. I love being able to look back over all those posts and have this record for him too. I love the opportunity to write, photograph, record and feel as if I am doing something creative each day - and not just making food, wiping bottoms and washing laundry! :)

  4. So so well said. Your reasons for blogging are exactly as mine.

  5. This space is nothing but authentic, warm and real. Your lovely personality shines through in every post.

    Lots of love to you gorgeous Nell

    1. Thank you so much Claire. Your sweet words mean so much to me. Lots of love to you and your beautiful family xx