Today Josephine turned 17 months. Tomorrow will be the first time I've not seen her for a full day, the longest I'll have been away from her. I leave for London, to attend The Nursery, before she wakes up (5am, yikes!) and I won't get home until way after her bedtime. Of course I'll sneak in to her room to swoon over her before I leave and before I go to bed, but still. I wonder how she'll cope; I wonder how I'll cope. 

My wonderful sister is coming to look after Phiney tomorrow, and I know they'll have a ball together. Phiney loves Dora, Dora loves Phiney. It's going to be a riot, I'm sure. Even so, I've no doubt I'll text her a million times. 

I can't believe The Nursery is here already. Time is flying right now. I'm so excited to meet Tim, Kesh and Roo, and all the other bloggers out there who are attending, and I can't wait to learn more about taking photographs and capturing the magic in the everyday. I'll be back on Thursday to tell you all about it I'm sure. 

And Mother Nature, a bit of sunshine tomorrow wouldn't go amiss. Thank you. 

A few photos of our wonderful girl, and yes - one of her with her finger up her nose. She's just discovered her nostrils and loves rooting around up there. She's a lady, for sure. 


  1. Her ringlets and teeny tiny teeth are THE cutest!

  2. Oh I'm sure you'll have so much fun at The Nursery! Tim, Kesh and Roo are amazing, as I'm sure you know. I had so much fun when I attended earlier this year. The one of Josephine with her finger up her nose made me laugh! We have a nose-picker here, too! :)

  3. Hi Nell... hope you enjoyed The Nursery - I attended one here in Melbourne and learnt heaps. And ah yes, the finger up the nose. My Leo has his permanently stuck up there at the moment. Delightful xx

  4. Hey there, I popped by to see if you've put up any new photos from The Nursery or since and saw this. She's so cute! Hope it wasn't too hard being away from that lovely little face and it was great to meet you xx