Ummm what happened to our tiny, fragile, dependent-on-us-for-everything-she-does newborn, and who is this independent, sitting up for 15 minutes without falling over, intently playing with her toys baby? 

This week Josephine has astounded us with her confident posture and inquisitive nature. She's inspected this brilliant wooden toy from top to bottom, bashed it, knocked it over, rolled it and, of course, put it in her mouth to see how it tasted. It's amazing to watch; to see her figure it out.

And to see her sit so happily, playing and thinking by herself is a joy. Over the last month or so Phiney has struggled with not being able to move the way she really wants to, and to see that frustration lifted makes us so happy for her.

Who needs the Olympics when we have such entertainment and achievement happening in our very own living room.

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  1. I was saying exactly the same thing to my husband tonight about our 10 month old baby girl! She suddenly has opinions on things and a very determined mind. Amazing really how much they change in such a small time. Phiney is gorgeous x

  2. goodness she is cute! makes me want one :)

  3. Oh, she is so adorable and so clever! Watching them make each new discovery is such a blessing. Nothing else quite compares does it?

    (Love that kitty top too. :)

  4. I remember watching that same frustration leave our home. Such a joy when it does! Xx

  5. Wwwah, the last time I was here she was a newborn and I had it in my head she was much younger than Gus.. but he has only just mastered sitting up! Time flies!

  6. You take good pictures. I adore your little blog.