MAMA/DAUGHTER: love and style

I've always loved the Comptoir des Cotonniers ad campaigns. Not just for the pretty clothes, but for their representation of style and beauty transcending generations.

This year, after 20 years of exploring the relationship between mother and daughter style and interests, the brand is launching a new campaign. I'll miss not seeing these lovely images of Mamas and their babies as friends and each others style icons, especially now I have a daughter of my own. I hope one day Josephine and I will share a love of fashion and style and searching for vintage and secondhand treasures; forging a beautiful friendship between the clothes rails.

And not forgetting Papa. This TV advert is my absolute favourite and gets me every time. Yeah, I'm a soppy Mama now. Thinking of the amazing relationship Ben and Phiney already share, and will continue to develop and cherish throughout the years to come fills my heart with so much happiness and love I think it may burst. The fun they will have, their adventures together and the fact that Ben will always protect her, and me, with his all his being. My two loves, so in love with each other.

ps. the winner of the All About Heidi giveaway has been announced over here. Sorry for the delay, but congratulations to the lucky reader and thanks again Manuka and Jette for this awesome prize :)


  1. All that ad makes me think of is that only having one kid will mean you'll be able to buy them a car! Ha!

  2. I love Comptoir des Cotonniers ad campaigns too, but I didn't know the were launching a new campaign, so sad!
    And the Polo advert... well, I sobbed since it started (am I too sensitive today or the advert is really emotional!?)!