Labels, stickers and Japanese washi tape. Things I’m currently obsessed with. Just like this lady and this lady, by the looks of it. Our walls are soon going to get hit up by the random postcards, notelets and Instax pictures that have been collecting in piles around the house, so I'm thinking these are necessary purchases. To go with the other rolls I may have already bought. Simple things please simple minds….

All from here


  1. Oh my goodness, snap. I literally just bought my first rolls of Washi Tape from the Makery Emporium in town to make a wall collage for the little fella! Love that's removable so can change the pictures regularly x

  2. Oh man, I love the Makery Emporium. Have spent a lot of time browsing (and spending!) in that store. I got 2 rolls in there - neon pink and grey. Old skool style xx

  3. Ooo I so need some new tape for my mutating stash of postcards etc. Nice choice Nell-belle. xx