Today did not start well. After a poo night’s sleep, waking up at 5.30am and not being able to drift off again it was inevitable. Work has been manic this week with more features one person can write, two Christmas magazines to complete and interviews for my maternity replacement to prepare for. Then, on top of all that, is there anything more annoying than people bugging you unnecessarily when you already have too much to do? I think not.

By 10am I had emailed B feeling sorry for myself and moaning about how today was going to be a shitty day. He sent me this in reply…

Hey n,

Today will be a good day for the following reasons:

1. I love you more today than yesterday (but not as much as tomorrow)

2. You have an awesome little one safely tucked away in your belly to keep you company and cheer you up with crazy movements

3. You finish work in a little over a month

4. We're halfway through the week

5. We can have more stir fry tonight - hell yeah!

6. You look super hot in today's outfit (although you do everyday)

7. It's not long until Christmas

8. It's not too long until we're home having a relaxing evening

9. You're awesome

10. At the end of the day it's only work

11. I love you


B makes every day a good day because of things like this. It’s all you need to pick you up, make you smile and focus your mind on the things that matter. And it's his way with words, simple and direct yet full of depth and meaning, that I know will give me such strength when our baby decides it's time to start it's journey into the world. I figured that made it worth sharing.


  1. Love! B is one fine man.
    Thats what amazing husbands are for!

  2. That is one damn sweet email to cheer a gal up! Kellie xx

  3. What a LOVELY email - I think you already know this but that man is a keeper!!!

  4. gosh darn. What more do you need?!!? Love this and think I love your hubs too!! x Nicole

  5. Most definitely worth sharing. You two are my favourite couple, and I've never even met you!

    All Bens are fantastic, of course.

  6. oh and now I am crying! I remember having emails like that, it's seems so long ago. Not because Dan and I feel differently about each other, but we are more stretched now, with the boys and work, that the simple things are forgotten. You must feel absolutely loved... that is the most amazing feeling.. thank you Nell for sharing.. you 2 you! eh? lou x

  7. Ah Ben, you had me at 'Hey'. It's love. Lionel Ritchie love. xx

  8. omigoodness he is so sweet! Love that.

  9. Ah Nell – that's so sweet! x

    ps,love the bump pic in the post below – it's really coming along very nicely. xx

  10. gotta trade in my husband! I need me a ben!

    xo em

  11. What a beautiful email...what a treasure he is!
    You guys are the cutest x