Bump Day. 30 weeks down.

You can see the bump if you look real close, hidden in a very halloweeny sea of black. This week really marks a milestone. Three quarters of the way there, only ten weeks (or there abouts) until we meet our baby. OUR baby!!

Today part of the pram arrived and next week we’re going to get the cot. It’s all coming together. And only 6 weeks left at work now too. I’m sure seven months have never gone so quickly.

Apparently the baby is now around 39cm long, has eyebrows and can flutter its eyelashes. Plus, as it’s growing so much, I’ll be able to feel every movement. Well, that’s certainly true. The phrase ‘Jumping Bean’ just doesn’t seem to do it justice any more.

Tonight the belly was partaking in its first round of trick or treating. Thankfully the rain held off and plenty of sweets and chocolates were consumed, and not all by me. Although mostly, I must admit.


  1. he he. I took the preschooler out as a very pregnant witch. Happy Halloween!

  2. Every week as you edge closer to meeting your precious baby, I feel so joyful and excited (also knowing I'm only a month behind!) Looks like you had yourselves a fun night too xx