It’s been go go go on the house front. With B’s birthday on Sunday and a little birthday lunch going down, we’ve been trying to get the last bits done round our home. To be fair, we’ve done a bloody good job in the last week, but there’s still a few things to get finished.

Alongside all this interior beautifying, has been plenty of sewing machine action. New pillows for the sofa and a few for the baby’s room too. The one with the pompoms was constructed using an old fabric remnant found in the shop also known as my Grandparent’s house and a piece of vintage yellow velvet I uncovered in this place. No matter what it is, if it’s that shade of yellow, it’s mine. I’m obsessed with that colour right now. I also finished this little quilt for Baby a few weeks back, with some help from my Mum on the binding front. She of far superior ability made those corners a lot neater than I ever could.

So what next? I’ve had a few Happy Circus orders come through, but those have all been finished off so I need something else to occupy sofa time now the dark nights have set in by 7.30pm. I’m tempted to order this Donna Wilson book and give a few of these creatures a go. I know a few kids who could look after a critter like this pretty well, and I’d love to see Baby cuddling something I made. Plus it’d be a mate for Old Stripey Head.

And then there’s this cushion from Cath Kidston's Stitch book. I love the Lucky Boy Sunday pillows, but they’re a little out of our price range right now, and I figure a handmade version like this is always better. For the bank balance and the World. So I’m off to scour the internet for the right supplies and choose my colours. And try to track down some bottle green velvet for the backing. Anyone have any scraps matching that description lying around, you know where to send them….

ps. Happy Birthday Charlie...have the most awesome of days tomorrow little brother x


  1. look at you miss busy bee, making all those incredible things for your bubba. the pillow is beautiful. baby will love playing with those pompoms.
    Big belly rub! xx :
    ps: though i also love LBS pillows, I agree that they are way too pricey. and with your knitting skills, i am certain you will make something just a pretty for your baby. remember, they "destroy" everything anyway! ;)

  2. Look how amazing you are! talk about a nesting frenzy!! The cushions look wonderful as does the quilt!

    xo em

    p.s you CRACK ME up with your beetle belt! I love it!

  3. the blanket is gorgeous well done there! I've been mumbling about trying to get a 2nd hand sewing machine so I can make things for our hut. But I don't have a Mum who can show me how, she loathes sewing!

  4. LOVE that pom pom cushion. And a very happy birthday to B. Kellie xx

  5. Wow. That is one cool cushion! I've just been informed I am now the proud owner of a stash of vintage kid's fabric bits and pieces found on Ebay. I may need to put your pregnant butt to work...once you're stopped your other day job, of course. If it's ok with you, I'll be sending you some for me and some to keep for Baby M as well. xx

  6. Bianca...you're so lucky. You always find the best stuff on eBay. Send over whatever you need and, as always, you're too lush sending stuff for Baby M. A little sewing project or two is just what I need to fill up my 4 weeks of maternity leave/holiday before Baby's due...other than that I have watching cheesy Christmas movies and munching tins of Quality Street on my To Do list Um, how blissful does that sound xx

  7. Hey Nell, LOVING the patchwork quilt you made. Gorgeous and lovely binding too. And loving the cushions on both this post and on your sofa behind your most recent bump picture. Great fabrics. Going to send you an email asap about Bath baby groups if that's okay with you? Amy x