You could say that getting pregnant, and hence being too tired to sort out ANYTHING, is not necessarily the best plan when you’ve just moved house. OK, so there aren’t many boxes left to unpack, but the walls remain bare and pictures are still leaning against the wall, the sideboard and bookshelf tops are still empty and the towels in the bathroom are still perched on the window seat rather than stacked neatly on the shelves we still need to put up. To be fair, B’s happy to get on with a lot of it, but the boy’s all too aware that I have a very specific idea of how it needs to be done and that it’s just not worth doing until I say so.

So enough is enough. That’s right people, it’s time to write a list. When something needs sorting, a list can never fail you and I think this one’s gonna be a goody. By which I mean long. Very, very long.

Here’s a couple of things topping the Must Do Soon section…
1. Print off some wedding pictures to complete the collage type thing I started about 8 months ago.
2. Print off some pictures of all the gorgeous kiddos in our lives to update the ones that are now pretty old. They’ve all grown at least 6 inches since those were taken.
3. Work out where some of the furniture in the living room and kitchen should go. Right now a few pieces look rather plonked.
4. Get some curtains up in the bedroom. B is not the right person to be woken up at 5am by light pouring through gaps in the shutters.
5. Find a few more random picture frames to complete the photo wall I’ve been planning. Luckily this shop provided some awesome vintage postcards to be included and today I finally found the perfect little plate to hang too.

And that’s just the beginning. Bigger things include finding new-to-us, mis-matched dining chairs to replace the rather horrid ones we bought for our first flat four years ago and saving a bit more money to finally buy a laptop so we can get rid of the ugly computer and computer table from the living room.

There’s only one problem. While I think it’s slowly leaving, the sleepiness is still there. Hanging around. And just thinking about this list makes me need a nap. Perhaps I’ll tackle it tomorrow.

Pictures from The Selby. Always inspirational and a website/book that has taken many a spare hour from me.

ps. I promise a little bump picture soon…thank you for such sweet requests to see how it’s coming along x


  1. goodness girl you inspire me! i have way too many bare walls in my house...and we've been here for a couple years. (yowza, right?) i'm too indecisive... *sigh* maybe you'll share some bits of your home after you've decorated a bit...to spark some ideas for the rest of us :)

  2. The tiredness will get better... But then it will come back again.
    I felt my best at around 20 weeks but then the tiredness kicked back in again and up another notch a bit after 30 weeks.
    Take advantage while you can!

  3. Take a rest, gir! Writing a list is one mammoth job done in itself!

    And I had to laugh about printing wedding pictures. It's nearly been 2 years and I still haven't printed any! x

  4. My friend told me yesterday that whenever she writes to do lists she always adds a couple of things that she has already done. That way she feels accomplished immediately! xx

  5. Ha no wedding pictures here either! I think being tired is going to be the norm from here on in. It's all worth it though. Well, most of the time anyway ;-)
    Looking forward to the bump photos. xx
    Ps Random question: What is your shoe size?