An awesome weekend, despite the cold and rain.

A few bits bought for the bump as it grows (loving elasticated waistbands) and some stripey socks for some teeny feet. Because you’re never too young for stripes.

And some fun in the park yesterday, between rainy showers. It’s impossible to keep those boys still enough for a non-blurry picture, but that’s part of the fun. Less than a month until we’re all living under one roof for a week of good times on the beach. I can’t wait to see those beautiful faces for seven days straight. And listen to all the amazing thoughts they have on the world.

The latest? How did the baby get in my tummy and when is it going to jump out…


  1. Aw, bless! Kiddy minds are too pure. Love 'm! Hope you are feeling good pretty lady. When do we get to see that bump? ;) xx

  2. ^ Yeah! When do we get to see the bump!
    And the innocence of children is just beautiful.

  3. You're such a stylish muma to be. Why am I not surprised?!

    Agree. I can't wait to see a pic of you and your lovely lady lump! xx

  4. Another request for bump candy! x
    P.S - your photos are looking great :)

  5. Those sock are so cute- I wish they came in my size!