After seeing these pictures of this rockin’ mama, I’ve been craving colourful jeans. And lucky for me, good ol’ Topshop comes up trumps again with these maternity styles. I’m going to try and avoid buying any maternity clothes if I can, and stick to rocking the bump in the way I would my previously flat(ish) tummy, but I may have to make an exception for this one teeny purchase.

And talking of the ever so cool Em, look out for our little collaboration over at The Beetle Shack soon. I’m really excited to be involved with one of my new favourite blogs. I mean, have you seen how cool she wears her hair? And how cute her kids are? And how many amazing things (that I'd actually quite like to steal) are in her house?

Such a fun weekend ahead. Went to see Harry Potter tonight (doesn't compare to the book, but still a whole bunch of awesomeness), holiday shopping tomorrow with some pretty cool people and a roast dinner at my Nan’s on Sunday. Yummy. Hope you guys all have an awesome time and the rain stays away for all those people in the UK currently staring at the most rubbish Saturday weather forecast ever for the middle of July.

(Oh, seem to have a thing for brackets in this post. Clearly too tired to punctuate.)


  1. Em is most definitely a rockin mama. I'm here and even popped into Topshop today. Love those Mat jeans xx

  2. yes!! those are adorable.

  3. Owh you are the sweetest thing ever! You should def rock those pants- I'm into the green ones! I am always anti maternity clothes too but these are killer!! Gonna email you today xo em

  4. Those pants are COOL!!
    Love them.

    And how cool is Em ... I wish I knew her in real life - How fun would that be!!

  5. Fabulous colours! A great idea to spruce up your maternity wardrobe.

    Sal x


  6. Em, I was feeling the green ones too. Sold! To the lady with the bump. xx

  7. hmmmn was just checking out some red jeans myself, right before i hopped over here... must be a sign i should get 'em, i say!