Ah bump pictures. How beautiful you are and how broody you have made me over the last year. Now our own little bump is forming (actually it's not so little, a growth spurt appears to have occurred over the last few days), we’re excited about documenting it grow and grow until we get to meet who’s inside come the middle of winter.

There are so many lovely serious of pictures out there to get inspiration from. From the simple beauty of
these to the absolute coolness of these. And while I’m sure you’ve all seen this amazing series, with sweet notes written to bub along the way, my favourites are the ones pictured here, of Anna and Jodi.

We’d love our bump pictures to be snippets of our lives throughout this beautiful journey. So, we’re going to capture the growing belly every Sunday, as we count down another week, doing whatever we happen to be doing. Out and about or pottering in the garden, cosy sofa time or lazy mornings in bed. And one day we can look back, as we squeeze our child, and remember these amazing times.

ps. Congratulations to the always inspirational Jodi who’s bub Poet Winter is now out of the belly and cuddled tightly in her Mama’s arms. Some treats are on their way to you by way of
the postlady xx


  1. YAY! YAY! Oh goodness I feel so happy and emotional at the same time. I LOVED being pregnant, every second of it. I miss it. My baby rearing days are over and I have 2 boys to run with...but these images are awesome and all woman who are preggers are beautiful. Bring on the sunday pics..I m so happy for you. Lou xx
    Also you must see this: http://pacingthepanicroom.blogspot.com/search/label/the%20belly%20pictures%20series xx

  2. Can't wait till Sunday (well will be Monday for me)
    I wish I had taken more care and an interest in my bump shots.
    Will try to for the remaining weeks (6 to go!!!)

  3. Looking forward to your Sunday bump photos! There's nothing quite as beautiful!

  4. love the bump series, looking forward to sharing the journey with you lady! x

  5. ah this a sweet post. can't wait to your belly grow.

  6. Thanks for the feature lady! I'm flattered. I'll be looking forward to logging into Blogger on Monday for the 24 coming weeks!