Oh Etsy. How I love thee and all the awesome treats you offer. My latest discovery, which to be entirely honest I’m almost reluctant to share, is Little Reader Vintage. Whitney has such a great collection of vintage for babes and kiddos that it’s hard to resist. Especially when they come in the shape of the teeny overalls, corduroy booties and crochet blanket that I bought.

And when technically (technically) these aren’t items for me, I can purchase them all guilt free. Right?


  1. absolutely guilt free.... your personal shopping budget doubles instantly ;)

    ...this is going to be one trendy tot! I love them! xx

  2. I've been stalking Etsy these days for baby stuff too :) So many gems, i've got a wish list going but absolutely guilt free since they're not for us yes! :-) Going to check out Little Reader Vintage now!

  3. These finds are really cute! Hopefully you'll be showered in gifts and unwanted baby clothes soon enough so you can spend some $$$ on yourself too!

    Thanks for visiting my little blog!

    Sal x


  4. Oh so cute! I'm off to visit the easy shop now. Xxx

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  6. I may or may not have bought a couple of things. Thanks for the tip Nell xxx

  7. I've spent way too many Etsy dollars over the past few months. A dangerous discovery for me.

    Totally guilt free. See Nell, you're a spending justifying pro!


  8. speaking of etsy- i just visited your store- YUMMMMMMM!! i need one of those hair bows, they are for adults right?


  9. Dangerous place...been avoiding it of late- but you should check out Andrea of little buckles shop- lovely vintage French kids stuff!