A few more yummy treats from the garden that we’ve enjoyed over the last few days. Well, the strawberries came from the garden of a family friend, but same difference. Home grown goodness. Especially when eaten with the most awesome chicken pie ever made and a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

ps. any budding photographers who bought a fancy pants camera and are still rather baffled by how to use it properly (moi?) should shimmy over to Cori’s awesome blog. I printed this poster off on Friday and spent yesterday being enlightened by just how fantastic my camera really is. About bloody time.

pps. these photos were taken before said discovery. But hold on to your hats for some pretty snazzy pictures. Mmmm, maybe I’m getting a little carried away...


  1. mmmm...is that second photo of zucchini? grilled zucchini is one of my favorite summer side dishes :) and those fresh strawberries on vanilla icecream...yes please! Great job on the fresh produce!

    and yay for learning new tricks with your camera! some day when i get a nice camera i'll be sure to use her guide...for now i'll pin it pinterest :)

  2. And NELL!! i got caught up on your past posts...as soon as I saw those DARLING baby boy etsy finds I was so excited to read down and find out you guys are due for a little babe!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU :) Hope pregnancy is going well :)

    and i'm all about thrifting and buying second hand clothes for the babe...especially when you can get sweet vintage pieces :)

  3. home grown goodness indeed...perfect summer food. yum!

  4. Oooh yummy! I love summer fresh produce. Yay for the camera tricks too, I've had mine for year now and could do with some tricks!

  5. Ellie I thought of you when I saw that poster and the conversation we had about the trickiness of these fancy cameras. Thought you'd appreciate it xx

  6. you are my idol! teach me your gardening ways, oh wise one!!!

    xo em

  7. Wow. I am in awe of your gardening prowess. I dream of the day when I have a vegie garden to call my own. And then prompty kill everything in it! Go you and your green thumbs Nell.

    Thanks for the camera tricks. xx