Thank you for all your lovely and sweet comments. Our hearts are full of happiness right now and it’s been so awesome to share our news with everyone.

We had our 12 week scan on last Saturday, and everything is looking as it should so far. The strong heartbeat was obvious straight away, despite the fact that Baby was doing a head stand to begin with. After the midwife subjected me to lots of tummy shaking (a risky task with a full bladder) Baby finally settled in a position, with its legs crossed and hand at its head, which allowed the midwife to measure it and confirm our due date. It was the most unreal and beautiful experience. And we wish we could go catch a glimpse every day. We have to wait until we’re 20 weeks for our next scan though, so hopefully the summer will sail by problem free and nice and quickly.

At a rather impromptu BBQ that evening we announced our bit of news to our families, and plenty of celebrating followed. It was the most brilliant weekend.

So now the journey really begins. After finding out more than 2 months ago, we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed everything goes ok. Whilst dealing with the most extreme exhaustion I’ve ever felt and daily 5am to 2pm nausea. Feeling sick has mostly passed and I’m hoping the sleepiness subsides soon too, plus there’s a bit of a bump developing already. ALREADY!

And through it all the boy has been the best husband a girl could ask for. And will be the best Papa a baby could ever dream of. I just know it.

This is a recent charity shop purchase; we’re determined to keep on track with buying second hand for the bub. And why the hell not when you discover a find like this.


  1. What fab little boots. Glad the sickness is going, It is so horrid; but worth it!

  2. It is a truly amazing and wonderful experience.
    I can tell you that the past 31 weeks have FLOWN by for me so I am sure they will for you too!
    The 20 weeks scan will be such a delight! Even better than the last!
    THe sickness is horrid, but you should be over the worst of it by now.

  3. Exciting times for you both, hope the tiredness and sickness go away soon! Can't wait to see what other precious bargains you find for baby!

  4. Ah Nell. These little booties are just the beginning! I'm glad you're feeling better. Those first couple of months can be horrible I know. Enjoy the next stage of your amazing journey xx

  5. such a gorgeous time. but it's bloody hard work growing those little arms and legs! hope you feel the second trimester glow soon lovely.

  6. OH MY GOD!!!! I'm so freaking excited for you! I have only just logged on after an absence the last few months! And what wonderful news to find out on my first time back to your blog!

    Oh what a wonderful journey! I can relate to the exhaustion - there is nothing like it eh?

    But so worth it. We welcomed our baby baby Max into the world on 26 April hence why I have been AWOL!


  7. You're PREGGERS?! Ahhh!! I'm so excited for you Nell!!! My heart is overflowing for you two, I can not wait to hear about all the love for that little baby. Celebrating in Cali for you! :)