I hope you all had an laughter-packed weekend. Ours was manic. But fun. A family trip to see Toy Story 3 in 3D on Friday (we all loved it!) Then back to my sister’s and a very late night indeed. Especially considering we were then up 4 hours later to head to Devon for another wedding.

We travelled down with my best mate Em and her awesome husband and got stuck in a lot of traffic. A lot. Another couple we know missed the wedding because of the queues. Savage. It was a fun day though and our friend Lizzy looked very beautiful and happy. The food was good. The company was good. Drunken husbands were mostly funny. As the designated driver, the long journey back at
midnight was not so good though. But hey ho. We got to have a lie in on Sunday and sleep in our own beds, so it was worth it.

Sunday we popped into town and got some tasty treats for dinner, and we went for our Sunday walk. Which we haven’t done for a while, what with all the day trips, weekends away and weddings we’ve been to over the last few months. But now our schedule is clear of advance bookings. Awesome news. Time for impromptu lunches, meeting up with friends, shopping trips and more walks in the park. Hoorah.

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