I love where we live and I think we’re very lucky. It’s a two minute stroll into the hubbub of town in one direction, and two minutes in the other direction to the park and botanical gardens.

After a week of rather rubbish weather, yesterday bought some warmth and sunshine. It was good strolling weather. But it does feel more like September than August, with cooler temperatures and brown leaves lining the pathways. I love autumn. It’s my favourite time of year. Layering up in the chillier weather, the browns and oranges of the trees and the anticipation of Christmas. Bring it on I say.


  1. oohhh...looks like a lovely part of town to live in!

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog:)

    I'll add you to my reader...looks like a great blog you have here!

  2. I love reading about you and your life! So adorable. :]