We always wanted to get married outside. One problem. We live in England. Where it rains all the time. Even in summer you can no way guarantee a period of nice weather. Still we went with the idea and had a backup plan ready just in case. In the week running up to our wedding it was beautiful weather. In fact 7 days before we had the hottest day in May on record. Blistering sunshine continued until Friday. Then on Saturday morning we awoke to rain. Big, grey, rain-filled clouds hung over our venue. The weatherman assured us that by midday the rain would clear and it would stay dry until the evening. Sorted. We were getting married at 2.30pm so it would be dry enough for everyone to walk over the grass, so the ushers laid the chairs out beautifully.
Then at 2.25pm (seriously, no exaggeration) the rain started to fall. And then it poured. It was a case of everyone grabbing chairs, running into the marquee and my cooler than cool guy (my Mum always says “he’s so laid back he’s pretty much lying down” and this behaviour continued as wedding disaster loomed) arranged the chairs so all the VIP guests would be sat at the front of the marquee, with all the other chairs flowing around the bottom half of the tables for the rest of the guests. Disaster averted.
When I walked down the aisle there was a definite higilty pigilty look about our congregation and you know what? I really rather liked it. Loved it in fact. It truly added to the relaxed feel we always wanted for our day.
So thank you lovely guests for being so easy-going and for not complaining about the soggy bottom situation. And thank you Mother Nature for rewarding our patience and understanding with an hour of dry weather. The perfect amount of time it turned out to walk around a meadow and have pictures of just me and my beloved, as well as a few shots with some rather special family members xx

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  1. You guys are too stinkin' beautiful. By the way, LOVE your hair. LOVE.