Me and my boy have lived together for 6 years (including 3 of at uni) so when it came to a wedding gift list, the traditional department store idea wasn’t really appropriate. We kinda wanted to get vouchers towards our honeymoon but weren’t sure how people would react to giving us money, so I was pretty chuffed when we found out about Buy Our Honeymoon over at Broke Ass Bride (a truly brilliant and unique blog!) We got to write our own gift list and the money was transferred into our Paypal account. Perfecto!
So thank you lovely guests for sending us off for two weeks of bliss in the Dominican Republic. It was heaven on Earth and after all the chaos (albeit most fun chaos ever!) leading up to the wedding, there was nothing more delicious than getting to spend 14 days just me and my love.

Those last couple of pictures...with a couple of cigars to take home and our fedoras just lying there, we couldn't miss the opportunity for some gangster-esque shots!

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