OUR HOLIDAY: part two

Josephine is obsessed with horses right now. I think I've mentioned here that she has an invisible one called Isobel, and when you go into her room in the morning her bed is likely to be filled with them (unicorns and My Little Pony included) and a copy of Pony magazine. When she grows up, she wants to be a horse rider. So Ben and I planned a special treat for her. This was the stables my Dad and my aunties would ride at when they were on holiday in St Ives when they were small, so it's a pretty special place.

Phiney was so excited when we told her at breakfast. Her horse, Flora, was beautiful and she jumped on her like a pro - no hesitation or nerves. Ben had a huge and rather grumpy horse called Tonto and he said that as they were trekking he would see her slowly let go of the reins with one hand an stroke Flora on the back :) She trotted too, and came back full of how amazing and wonderful it had been. How lucky we are to be able to offer our girls these kind of experiences.

Coralie wanted her own horse too and so the brown one in the field is hers, in case she asks you. We went off to enjoy a yummy ice cream at the local tearoom with my grandparents while Ben and Phiney rode, but I can't wait for Coralie to be old enough and we can all go together.

This really was such an awesome morning. Magical...

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  1. Grandma's face in that picture with Coralie is totally adorable! So happy! xxxx