So I'm finally sharing photos from our holiday! I have split them into (a lot!!) of posts as I want them all here in our journal, so please excuse the slew of holiday snaps!!

After arriving at my Grandparent's house after midnight, we awoke the next morning to two very excited little girls who were finally on holiday! I'd wanted to visit Carn Galver mine for a few years, but it always seemed a bit much for tiny Coralie. This year however seemed like a good time to visit and I'm so glad we did. The scenery was amazing and the walk down to the cliffs was brilliant. Josephine likened it to the time of the dinosaurs, and she was absolutely right. It felt like we'd stepped back a million years. The ruins of old stone houses were perfect for exploring and the wildflowers were beautiful. We'll definitely be heading there again next year, and I'd recommend it to anyone who is heading in that direction.

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