OUR HOLIDAY: josephine

Josephine in the sea; how I'll remember her this holiday. No matter how cold it was, she was straight in there, barely a shudder! Collecting seaweed, jumping the waves, laying in the shallows and splashing as much as she could.

She was so awesome this holiday; barely a cross word and so much smiling and laughter. She ate pizza and ice cream like it was going out of fashion. She collected shells and dead crabs that she found along the shore, and she caught little fish with her new pink net. She climbed rocks and drove a boat; she rode a horse, jumped and jumped on my grandparent's trampoline and spent way too much money in the arcade. She was such a brilliant big sister too, and took that role very seriously; showing Coralie how to do things, encouraging her to take one more step into the sea, holding her hand and building sandcastles especially for Coralie to squish.

Our beautiful Josephine - born to live by the sea, with her mermaid hair blowing in the wind.

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