OUR HOLIDAY: coralie

It's crazy to think how much Coralie has grown since our holiday in St Ives last year, how much she's changed.

This year, Coralie was in her element - running around the beach and getting in to all sorts of mischief! She sat on and squished as many sandcastles as she could, and happily sat in the tent eating the whole picnic by 10.30am. While the sea worried her a little to begin with, she took it on and soon enough was happily splashing with Phiney. She loved wearing her little pink jelly shoes everywhere she went, and she chased all the seagulls away. She loved her first try of chocolate fudge (and ate all my stash!) and thankfully she didn't eat any sand (unlike last year!) Her happy place was exploring the warm little pools around the boats that were left as the tide went out, and she excitedly told Phiney about every shell she found. She desperately wanted a horse of her own (like Daddy and Josephine) and so we chose one for her in the fields of the stables, and she fell asleep within minutes of being on our boat trip, despite the choppy and splashy waters.

Coralie's spent the last few weeks asking if we're going "holiday?" today (aka the beach). I think she had a pretty awesome time...

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