Last week I turned 32. We'd had a family party on the Saturday for Coralie and I (I'm not sure Coralie will be as keen on joint parties with her Mama when she turns 18, so I'm embracing it now!) so my birthday was spent just the four of us. We decided to visit the aquarium in Bristol and then got pizza for lunch. The girls fell asleep in the car on the way home so Ben suggested I park up and pop into a few shops by myself to have a browse (I found nothing. Typical.) Then we got home, popped to the allotment and after bath time and bedtime for the girls, we slumped in front of the TV and ate lunchtime's left over pizza. It was simple and not very rock n roll, but it was awesome.

With the girls a little older this year (and the question about whether or not to have a third baby very much still undecided) this year feels like the year to bring back some of the focus on myself. To forge forward in my career and to get fit. To not always put myself last. I want to do this for me, for our little family, for my girls, for our future.

Here's to getting older (and maybe a little wiser?) and being so so grateful for all the wonderful things I have in my life.

Thank you Ben for taking most of these photos. Apart from the top one, Coralie refused to be in the pictures, even when Phiney and I tried to coax her in by pulling faces. It didn't work!

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