As the new year started, I made the decision to work really hard at taking my photography business to the next level, and try to make some other career dreams come true. It's always been my plan to slowly build the photography stuff over these years while our babies are small and at home all day, and hopefully by the time they're off at school, I'm able to make it my full-time career.

Do what I love doing, be my own boss, earn some money, and be there to pick the girls up from school.

Trying to fit all that prep work into three two hour slots a week (while Coralie naps on the days Josephine is at nursery) is hard. And come the evenings and I'm mostly just too knackered to sit at the table for hours on end. It can be frustrating, but slowly slowly things are coming together and building. It's exciting, and I know it's worth it.

Occasionally, I try and fit in a bit of time at the computer while the girls are playing nicely. But I've learnt that it normally ends badly. They can sense my concentration is on something else, even if they haven't noticed what I'm doing, and bickering often ensues.

So it's best to get out, get some fresh air and not miss a second of what's happening today, whilst trying to build my business for the future.

The balancing act continues... (and these little Mama's make it all look so easy!)

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