I had a lovely day yesterday, getting spoilt by my little family, and then heading out to dinner with my Mum, Nan and the rest of the famalam.

My day started with a lie-in, then pancakes with Nutella and strawberries, before we headed out for a walk in the beautiful March sunshine. Josephine and I were jumping about and being silly when Ben snapped most of these photos. I love them. What the Motherhood Captured project is all about.

I've wanted to be a Mama ever since I was a little girl, and looking at my babies now, I can't believe how lucky I am. They are the sweetest, fiercest, funniest, most beautiful and brilliant girls a Mama could ask for, and I am so proud to be their Mama. It's a crazy journey, motherhood. And even when you've only had two hours sleep, your clothes (and face!) are covered in mud and mushed banana, the house is a mess and your children are shouting at each other or you, or nothing in particular, I wouldn't change a single thing. It is the hardest, but best job in the world. And the smiles, laughter, cuddles, kisses and 'I love yous' make it all worth it.

Josephine and Coralie, my darling girls. I love you more than you can ever imagine. You make me the happiest Mama in town.

And Ben, you make me the happiest wife. Thank you for being the best Daddy and my partner in crime. And for my basket and YesMum cards!  

I love the photo Josephine took of Ben and I too. So awesome that she's big enough to hand the camera to and snap away now :)

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